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Jul 10th | 4

Inner Vault

I look in the mirror, feel so much shame.
It was my fault, I deserve all the blame.
Just don’t know what I was thinking,
With all this shame, I feel like I’m sinking.

All the consequences, I completely deserve,
Can’t imagine, where I found the nerve,
I just feel like the biggest fool,
What I did, was simply not cool.

Your forgiveness, I earnestly plead,
Without it, my heart won’t be freed.
Please forgive me, I miss you so much,
Beautiful voice and your tender touch.

I’ve been so lucky to have a girl like you,
I’m so sorry, if you only knew.
Feel so bad, for being so rude,
I’m so sorry, I ruined your mood.

I promise to treat you like my Queen,
I’m so sorry for being so mean.
If only somehow, I could make things better,
This poem’s from my heart, not just a letter.

Your inner and outer beauty amaze,
I’m so sorry, for my crazy phase.
I wish to give you, my entire heart,
Please forgive me, with a fresh start.

I just feel so much guilt,
That my words and actions built.
I know, what I did was wrong,
Tried to avoid it, and be strong.

Following me has been the truth,
It was hurting like a tooth.
A second more, I could not deny,
Not apologising was a lie.

I’m so sorry, from deep inside,
Clearly guilty, my hands are tied.
It was obviously, all my fault,
My soul I have opened, my inner vault.

Jun 7th | 11
May 30th | 64816

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May 29th | 3

A Life Without You

To the one who brightens my day with a simple ‘hello’.
The way that you smile when I look deep into your eyes,
There isn’t a better, more beautiful feeling.
It’s hard to picture a day without you by my side; where every subtle minute counts.
In moments of weakness and doubt it was you who gave me advice and love where no one else wanted to. That brought me back to a place of comfort.
My heart cries for you when life doesn’t want to help.  I will always be there when you need me most. Even if it is I who causes the damage; unwillingly and unintentionally. I’ll be here always by your side.
No more fears, no more tears.

The way how I feel and think of you cannot be described. Words wouldn’t do your beauty and your heart justice. You amaze me in many more ways than one.

I love you for everything that you are, was and ever will be.
Please, choose to stay and live this life with me.

I know that if you walk away, I can never be the same. 
It has to be you and only you.
I cannot bear life,
a life without you.

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May 29th | 10